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Synthetic mulch is a beautiful alternative for landscaping and playground areas.

Synthetic mulch, aka rubber mulch, is an excellent choice for all types of landscaping mulch and ground cover. Rubber mulch not only looks better year after year, but it's also more durable, cost-effective, maintenance-free, and environmentally friendly than wood mulch, stone, and other landscaping ground cover materials.

Rubber mulch, unlike wood mulch, does not attract termites, carpenter ants, or other wood-destroying insects, making it a perfect mulch for usage around buildings, foundations, and wood structures. As a result, rubber mulch lessens the need for solid insecticides in and around the landscape.

Rubber Mulch can assist building projects in obtaining LEED points. Rubber mulch is a sensible option that saves time and money and is also good for the environment. Roost Rubber Mulch, as a green landscaping material, helps conserve trees and receives Green Building (LEED) Credits.

Gardening Using Synthetic Mulch

Synthetic mulch comes in three varieties:

  • landscaping rubber mulch

  • glass mulch

  • plastic mulch

There is some dispute over the benefits and drawbacks of synthetic mulch, discussed below. However, one of the most significant advantages of synthetic mulch over natural mulch is the absence of insects.

synthetic (rubber) mulch

Rubber Mulch, Ground Cover

Ground rubber mulch comes manufactured from recycled rubber tires, which helps free up landfill space. It takes around 80 tires to produce enough rubber mulch to fill one cubic yard. It is commonly used on playgrounds because it provides a soft landing surface for youngsters.

Many people, however, have raised worry about toxins seeping into the soil from the rubber. According to one study, modest levels of zinc can seep into the soil and be advantageous to alkaline but not acidic soil.

There is also the possibility of finding wire fragments in the ground rubber mulch from steel-belted tires. The metal might rust and provide a safety risk. Check the metal composition of your rubber mulch and opt for a high proportion that is metal-free.

Look for UV-protected products so that the ground rubber mulch does not fade to white over time.

recycled glass for mulching

Mulch made of glass

Another popular synthetic mulch is landscape glass mulch. It brightens up a garden by reflecting light off the recycled glass pieces. However, it offers a more modern garden space; therefore, people who like a more natural appearance should avoid using landscape glass mulch.

Recycled glass is non-hazardous to the environment and contains no chemicals. However, it costs somewhat more than other types of mulch.

Another issue with glass mulch is that it will reveal all of the leaves and petals that have fallen off the plants instead of dropping into natural mulch and becoming part of the mulch itself.

recycled hard plastic for mulching

Gardening with plastic mulch

Another standard option for garden mulch is plastic mulch. Plastic mulch is far less costly, especially when compared to glass mulch. In addition, mulch made from plastic sheeting is simple, especially in extensive areas, including commercial gardens.

Plastic mulch, on the other hand, causes less water to enter the soil. When water flows off the plastic, pesticides can be carried into other places, generating an accumulation. In addition, a substantial quantity of soil runoff is connected with plastic mulch in gardens.

It's critical to pick the gardening option that best meets your demands for your plants and your budget.

Rubber Landscape Mulch Recycled

With our recycled rubber garden mulch, you can create lovely landscapes that last all year! And the year after that, the year after that, and the year after that. You get the idea. Rubber mulch lasts for years without breaking down or fading, eliminating the need to re-mulch every year!

Our premium mulches are ideal for mulching flower beds, trees, vegetable and herb gardens, and other landscape features. They provide an excellent growing environment for plants, keeping the soil warm and moist even when temperatures begin to fall.

Like practically everything else, landscape design has developed over the last few decades. People now choose more environmentally friendly solutions, such as our recycled rubber landscaping mulch, over wood mulch products, which degrade and contribute to deforestation. Because our items are created from recycled truck tires, you may be confident that no trees are destroyed during manufacture. Furthermore, we are keeping tires out of our already overcrowded landfills! ​

Our expert team educates and guides you through each stage of your project so that you may get professional results on a DIY budget. In addition, you can rely on Rooster Rubber's supplies and expertise for high-quality projects that will last for years.

Our recycled rubber landscape mulch comes in several colors and designs, including rubber nuggets, shredded rubber mulch, and rubber landscape timbers, allowing you to build the bespoke project of your dreams. In addition, you can count on our world-class service and support to assist you at every step of the road.

Mulch just once. It always looks nice.

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