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Rubber Timbers, Rubber Borders, & Weed Barrier Fabric

You can find all the rubber timbers, recycled plastic borders, and weed barrier fabric you need to keep your rubber mulch project looking good at Rooster Rubber! 


High-quality landscaping jobs always start with a high-quality weed barrier. Our Geotextile industrial weed barrier can reduce the time you spend removing unwanted weeds from your landscaping without hindering water flow to your plants. 


Rubber timber borders are a stylish, long-lasting alternative to more traditional landscaping edging like wood railroad ties or flexible plastic edging options. Our rubber timbers and flexible rubber landscape edging are sure to keep your flowerbed or other landscaping projects in great shape for many years! 


Our recycled plastic borders are perfect for fast, easy raised-bed gardening or surrounding trees or other landscaping features on playgrounds or in parks. Lightweight but sturdy, this type of border is budget-friendly, too! 


Get all the rubber timbers, rubber borders, and weed barriers your project requires here at Rooster Rubber! 

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