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Premium Rubber Mulch Nuggets & Shredded Mulch 

Rooster Rubber offers both traditional mulch nuggets and wood-look shredded rubber mulch in a variety of colors to provide the perfect look and feel for any project. Whichever variety you pick, our premium rubber mulch nuggets and shredded mulch requires less maintenance and is cleaner and safer than processed wood mulch. 

Rubber mulch nuggets are ideal for playgrounds as they provide a soft, clean, safe surface for play. You can even get them in fun colors like blue and green for a more playful look. Classic colors are a great budget-friendly option for landscaping applications, as well. 

Love the look of wood mulch but don’t love the annual hassle that comes with it? Our shredded rubber mulch provides a low-maintenance, bug-free, mold-free wood mulch alternative. 

Made from non-biodegradable recycled truck tires, our premium rubber mulch nuggets and shredded mulch are the perfect alternatives to traditional wood mulch products that can harbor dangerous tree diseases, molds, and pests. 

Most items are in stock and ready to ship. Shop online now! 

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