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Sports and Equestrian surface products (use the mulch calculator or call 816-241-6400 for pricing)

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Sports field recycled rubber infill (10-20 mesh)

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Equestrian recycled rubber crumb rubber

  • Easy on joints and tendons

  • Better footing for turns

  • Lower dust

  • Longer life for arena surface

Recycled Rubber Turf Infill & Equestrian Surface Products 


Looking for a better sporting surface? Regardless of your sport of choice, Rooster Rubber has a recycled rubber surfacing for sports to improve your sporting experiences. 

Rubber Infill for Turf Sports Fields 

When you’re playing any sport on a turf field, high-quality rubber infill, also known as rubber granules,

is the key to optimum performance.  

  • Provides cushioning to prevent accidents and injuries 

  • Offers athletes better grip and stability, plus makes sliding easier 

  • Low maintenance turf infill product 

Equine Crumb Rubber Arena Surface


Whether you’re a nationally competing champion or a casual rider, crumb rubber arena surfacing can help you up your game by providing a better riding surface for both you and your horse, no matter what type of riding you do. 

  • Easy on joints and tendons 

  • Better footing for turns 

  • Less dust than traditional arena surfaces 

  • Long life, low maintenance 

Do you have questions about our recycled rubber surfaces for sports? Feel free to reach out to the experts at Rooster Rubber! 

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