Beautiful landscape all year long!

Rooster Rubber Premium Rubber Mulch™ is great for all your landscaping needs – mulching flower beds, trees, and any garden area.

  • Will not float or blow away.

  • It is environmentally safe for plants and animals. 

  • Premium Rubber Mulch™ does not attract termites or bugs and will not rot.

  • Premium Rubber Mulch™ insulates the soil while allowing water to pass through to plant roots. 

  • Available in Redwood, Brown, Black and four special colors.

  • Premium Rubber Mulch™ last for years.


Mulch Once. Always looks good.

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Rubber Mulch - Landscape (Ocean Blue) (2


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  • It will not blow away or wash away in storms

  • Reduces bug and rodent infestation and does not attract ants

  • Will not decompose

  • Weather-friendly, never freezes

  • Always dry and ready to walk on immediately after the heaviest rain

  • Rainproof, does not retain moisture or dirt

  • Our Rubber Mulch is 99.9% steel free

  • Delivery curbside on a pallet in 24 lb. bags or in 2,000 lb. sacks

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