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Our rubber mulch is the eco-friendly alternative to traditional wood mulch for playgrounds, landscaping, arenas, and more! 

Rooster Rubber’s premium rubber mulch and other rubber surfacing products are made from solid rubber truck tires rather than the fibrous passenger tires most rubber mulch is made from. This means our mulch looks better and is more durable than the competition. 

Recycled rubber mulch is safer, lower maintenance, and more cost-effective, reliable, and environmentally friendly, making it a superior alternative to wood mulch. Plus, it’s cleaner, cuts down on dust and insects, and looks great for years to come! 

Heading 6
Playset with rubber mulch

Rooster Rubber’s premium rubber mulch is a great way to enhance your playground. It provides a safe, soft surface for play areas at home or public playgrounds. 

  • Premium Rubber Mulch™ is non-toxic and safe for the environment. 

  • It helps reduce the impact of falls and prevents serious injuries. 

  • Rooster Rubber Premium Rubber Mulch™ products meet or exceed ASTM safety standards and IPEMA quality standards. 

  • Our playground rubber is available in a variety of colors to match any look and lasts for years! 



Mulch Once. Always looks good.

Landscape using shredded rubber mulch.

Rooster Rubber Premium Rubber Mulch™ is perfect for all your landscaping needs. From flowerbeds to tree rings to gardens, our products provide a fresh look for years with no need to re-mulch. 

  • Recycled rubber mulch is safe for pets and plants alike. 

  • Our products insulate the soil while allowing moisture to pass through to plant roots. 

  • It doesn’t attract termites or other bugs, mold, or break down.  

  • Choose rubber nuggets or shredded rubber mulch in a variety of colors to create the perfect look. 

  • We also offer rubber timbers to help you complete your landscaping project. 

Mulch Once. Always looks good.

Why Use Rooster Rubber Premium Rubber Mulch™? 

  • Eliminates Annual Mulching

  • Will Not Blow or Wash Away

  • Does Not Decay

  • Provides a Soft Play Surface

  • Dries Quicker Than Wood 

  • Natural Looking

  • Colors Remain Vibrant

  • Non-Staining—the color will not rub off onto pets, people, or clothing 

IPEMA Certified

Meets ASTM F1292-04 guidelines for 9' fall height

Made in the USA

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