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Rubber Mulch Playground Areas - Better Than Wood Mulch?

When playground managers decide to install loose-fill material, they frequently choose between rubber mulch (also known as shredded rubber mulch or loose-fill rubber), wood chips (such as landscape mulch), or engineered wood fiber mulch (EWF). All of these are examples of loose-fill materials. On the other hand, unitary playground surface areas are linked (for example, poured-in-place (PIP) playground flooring, rubber playground tiles, and bonded rubber mulch).

Rooster Rubber provides both standard mulch nuggets and wood-like shredded rubber mulch in various colors to ensure that each project has the ideal appearance and feel. Regardless of the variation, our premium rubber mulch nuggets and shredded mulch require less upkeep and are cleaner and safer than processed wood mulch.

Rubber Mulch Playground Solutions for Ground Cover

Rubber Mulch is a popular choice for most playground areas, but is it the best flooring option?

Today's playgrounds are vastly different from those of merely a decade ago. The desire to make playgrounds safer and more accessible to children with special needs has resulted in considerable advancements in the technologies used to create the materials used in playground construction. The flooring on playgrounds, in particular, has seen significant changes. Playground areas with asphalt or concrete surfacing will become extinct if they haven't already since they don't make sense. Instead, there are several newer, safer, and less expensive materials.

So, is rubber mulch a decent playground surfacing material? It's undeniably popular. But, as we all know, "undeniably popular" does not automatically imply "excellent." So, let's look at the benefits and drawbacks of utilizing rubber mulch for the playground surface. Whether you're building a new playground or resurfacing an old one, you're undoubtedly curious about the information we've put together.

Rubber Mulch Playground Flooring Quality

Rubber mulch may be expected to endure for around ten years before being replaced entirely. (However, you will need to top out the rubber playground mulch during this period, which might add up.)

It is not biodegradable and does not degrade in the same way that natural wood does.

Rubber Mulch as a Playground Surface Cost

Rubber mulch is a low-to-middle-priced playground surface option. Rubber mulch playground surfacing installation costs vary per square foot depending on the size of the playground, whether you outsource the installation, product availability in your region, and where you purchase it. Your best choice is to search online and determine if you want to install it yourself or find someone willing to do it for you. Because of the superior quality of its ingredients, rubber mulch will have a somewhat higher initial cost than wood mulch.

Rubber Mulch Playground Flooring Is Safe

One of the most fundamental and significant factors in playground safety is how the surfacing affects the critical fall height criteria related to shock absorbency. The fall height requirements take the vertical distance between the highest-designated play surface on a piece of equipment and the playground surface underneath it (review the PDF: Public Playground Safety Handbook from the Consumer Product Safety Commission for more information). These rules are derived from American Standard Testing Methods (ASTM), the federal government-designated organization that defines industrial safety standards.

When used correctly and put properly, Rubber mulch may provide a suitable level of protection to youngsters while fulfilling acceptable ASTM criteria. "There are other rubber mulch materials that are specially engineered for use as playground surfacing," according to the Consumer Product Safety Commission. Ascertain that they have been tested to and meet ASTM F1292." (source)

Rubber materials, according to experts, make the safest playground surfaces.

Furthermore, most rubber mulch producers use safe materials devoid of wire, fiber, plastic, wood, and other undesired elements.

Rubber Mulch Playground Flooring Installation

Tire mulch is similar to loose-fill materials in that it is readily carried and put. While we encourage expert installation in all cases, customers on a tight budget may be able to find installation instructions and perform them themselves. Rubber mulch may be purchased online and at select hardware and lawn/garden retailers.

Rooster Rubber provides expert rubber mulch installation. We also install pour-in-place rubber surfacing if you need an accessible surface for your playground or park. There are both commercial and residential services offered.

rubber mulch for playground areas by Rooster Rubber

Wondering what kind of surface to put on your playground?

Rubber mulch is an excellent option for a soft, safe surface that will keep kids entertained for hours. It's also eco-friendly and affordable.

Our rubber mulch comes in various colors, so you can create the perfect playground for your child. Plus, it's easy to install and doesn't require any special tools or equipment.

Order your rubber mulch today!

rubber mulch playground areas from recycled materials

How do I install rubber mulch in playground areas?

Playground rubber mulch should always be installed by a professional. The process of installing playground rubber mulch generally includes the following steps:

1. Preparing the Area - Make sure to remove all debris and loose material from the area where you will be installing the rubber mulch. This is important because any rocks or other sharp objects could damage the surface of the mulch.

2. Leveling the Area - Use a rake or shovel to level off the area where you will be installing the rubber mulch. This is important so that it will be even and look nice when it is installed.

3. Installing Rubber Mulch - Use a pallet knife or shovel to spread out an even layer of rubber

How much does it cost to buy rubber mulch for my playground area?

Playground rubber mulch can cost anywhere from $5 to $15 per cubic foot, depending on the quality of the rubber mulch and the supplier. Cheaper grades of rubber mulch may contain fillers such as sand or dirt, which can decrease its lifespan and pose a health risk if swallowed. More expensive grades of rubber mulch will be made entirely of recycled rubber and will last much longer than cheaper grades.

Is rubber mulch safe for playgrounds?

Rubber mulch for playground areas is a popular choice for many reasons. It's soft, bouncy, and comfortable for kids to play on. And, it's much safer than traditional wood mulch because it's not as likely to splinter or break.

But is playground rubber mulch really safe? That depends on how the rubber is made. Some types of playground rubber mulch are made with dangerous chemicals that can leach into the ground and potentially harm children.

So, what should you look for when choosing playground rubber mulch?

First, look for a product made from recycled tires that do not contain harmful chemicals or toxins. Additionally, make sure the product has been tested by a third party.

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