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Equestrian Premium Recycled Rubber Nuggets (Bulk, 2,000 lbs. Not for playgrounds)

3/8-5" - Nuggets - Nat Black SS
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Product Details

Rooster Rubber Equine Premium Rubber Mulch™ has proved to exceed the footing needs of the most caring owners.

Our Equine Premium Recycled Rubber Mulch is made from truck tires (not passenger car tires with fiber that collects dirt and germs) and is 98% wire-free.

Many of our customers use a 1 part rubber nuggets to 2 parts sand ratio for their applications.

Available in natural (black uncoated). Miniumum order is 2,000 lbs.

Applicable taxes and freight not included in price.

Use our Mulch Calculator to find the number of lbs needed.

Call us if you need help with your project - (816) 241-6400.

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Rubber Mulch for Sale: Bulk, Bags, and More!

For well over a decade, Rooster Rubber Premium Rubber Mulch™ has been helping homeowners, city governments, school districts, and sports complexes upgrade their surfaces and reduce maintenance. At Rooster Rubber, we offer rubber mulch for sale in bulk and by the bag. Our bulk mulch is available in quantities ranging from 2,000 lbs. to 200,000 lbs. and beyond.


We also offer bagged rubber mulch nuggets and shredded rubber mulch for smaller projects, plus all the accessories (rubber landscaping timbers, weed barrier, etc.) you’ll need to finish your mulching project right.


Our rubber surfacing products are made from recycled materials that offer less maintenance, less dust, less mold, fewer bugs, and a longer-wearing product than traditional wood mulches.  

  • Longer life than organic mulch 

  • Low maintenance 

  • Cleaner, less dust 

  • Doesn’t attract spiders or insects like termites and ants. 

  • Provides better fall protection and fewer scrapes than wood 

  • Dries quickly 

  • Doesn’t decompose and provide a home for unwanted bacteria 

  • Doesn’t fade or stain 

Choose Rooster Rubber for your mulching needs! Shop our rubber mulch for sale in bulk and by the bag today! 

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