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IPEMA Certification

Created from 100% semi-truck tires, which unlike mulch made from passenger vehicle tires, has little to no nylon, polyester, Kevlar, and other fibrous materials.

Rooster Rubber / ecoSHRED is a top choice for use in playgrounds and landscaping applications.


Safe.  Durable.  Versatile.

  • 99.9% metal free

  • UV- resistant coloring technology to help resist fading – 10-year color steadfastness.

  • Beneficial for soil moisture and insulation.

  • Discourages weed and fungal growth.

  • Does not attract insects.

Available in nine colors and two packaging styles

IPMEMA (International Play Equipment Manufacturers Assn) Certifications:

ASTM F1292-22

  • This specification provides a uniform means of quantifying the impact attenuation performance of playground surfacing materials and is appropriately used to compare the relative performance of different playground surfacing materials.

ASTM F3012-22

  • This specification establishes test methods and performance requirements for particle size distribution, extractable hazardous metal content, total lead content, tramp metal content, and sharp tramp metal content for loose-fill rubber that is intended to be used as a playground surface.

ASTM F3351-19e1

  • The purpose of this test method is to determine the shock absorption properties of a playground surface at a specific impact height to evaluate a particular playground surfacing system using the g-max and HIC criteria as outlined in Specification F1292. 

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