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How to Properly Clean Rubber Mulch

Updated: Jul 8

Cleaning Rubber Mulch the Right Way!

Rubber mulch is increasingly replacing other types of mulch as the go-to choice for most landscapers due to its durability, longevity, and resistance to disease. It also comes in a wide range of colors to suit your preferences. However, it would be best if you first learned how to clean rubber mulch so that your landscape always looks great.

Use a leaf blower or an adjustable leaf rake to remove the fallen leaves from the rubber mulch. However, if you want to give the mulch a more thorough cleaning, you may do so by washing it. Rubber mulch may be kept looking new and last a lot longer if you clean it regularly.

Mulched Rubber Needs To Be Cleaned

Rubber mulch may be kept tidy by rinsing it with water or clearing it of debris like leaves with a leaf blower.

The leaves from the trees in your yard may occasionally fall to the ground and make a mess of your mulch. In this case, a blower removes things like leaves, weeds, and sticks accumulated on the ground. Rubber mulch is rather substantial and does not tend to fly away.

However, if you want your mulch extra clean, you could wash it down with some eco-friendly detergent. Mulch may be easily cleaned with water and soap in a short amount of time. Additionally, the rubber flooring may be frequently pressure-cleaned to eliminate embedded dirt and grime.

Regrettably, pets might use mulch as a toilet. Your pet's waste can be picked up and disposed of in this situation.

Rubber mulch may be kept leaf-free by blowing away fallen leaves with a Leaf Blower.

Rubber mulch may be blown clean with a leaf blower if you choose. Leaves that fall in autumn are usually large and dry so that they may be swiftly and efficiently blown away. Clearing smaller leaves takes more time and involves using the blower from various angles.

Keep the power low and point the blower's end down at a 25-35 degree angle. Doing so guarantees that the pushed air is not only lifting the leaves into the air but also keeping them there. Why? They may merely be blown back to the same surface by the wind.

Allow ample blower time to collect as many leaves as possible. Leaves that refuse to budge should be picked by hand.

It would be best if you observed the following safety measures whenever using a leaf blower:

  • Wearing leather gloves can help mitigate the tingling and numbness that might result from working too close to a vibrating blower.

  • Protect your hearing with earplugs; a blower's 100 dB of noise is dangerously loud and can cause permanent hearing loss. Therefore, always use hearing protection equipment as a safeguard.

  • Always protect your eyes using goggles or protective glasses or appropriate safety equipment when using a leaf blower since flying debris can cause severe damage. Safety goggles and other eye protection devices help prevent damage to or loss of vision in the eyes.

  • Always wait at least 15 minutes for the blower to cool down before refueling. Remember that the engine's heat might spark gas vapors when filling the fuel chamber.

It's essential to Sweep Up Rubber Mulch.

Use an adjustable leaf rake to collect and dispose of fallen leaves from your mulch. It's more effective than a standard yard rake. .

To prevent debris, such as leaves and branches, from falling into the mulched area while you are trimming bushes or hedges, rake your rubber mulch away from plants before cutting the area. To add, mulch that is raked regularly keeps the material spread out evenly. Raking also exposes mulch hidden from view, giving the impression that the mulch is newer.

Rubber mulch will compress over time. To break it up, though, all you need is a rake.

Tips for Maintaining Clean Rubber Mulch

Rubber mulch doesn't absorb moisture and doesn't break down, so it's easy to rinse off with water if it gets dirty. if your dog uses it as a place to use the bathroom, you'll have no trouble removing the waste and cleaning it afterward.

Rubber mulch only has to be rinsed after being dusted with eco-friendly detergent. Rubber's density is higher than water's; therefore, it won't just float away. It doesn't rot and dries up fast.

Mulch may be pressure-washed with warm water to remove dirt and debris lodged in the rubber.

Rubber mulch should be cleaned immediately with dish soap and water if water-based paint has been spilled.

Surfaces occasionally get considerably discolored, although this is quite rare. Scrub brushes and a powerful multipurpose detergent can be used to remove such stains.

Chlorine bleach, paint thinners, mineral spirits, and degreasers are examples of harsh chemicals that should be avoided in excessive quantities. In addition, rubber mulch might be harmed, and its degeneration sped up using such powerful chemicals.

After washing, the mulch's color can be revived using a mild detergent and a gentle power wash.

If you have rubber mulch, you should clean it regularly since it gets dirty.

There's a chance you'll be tempted to leave the leaf pile you've created in your mulch. If you have piles of dead leaves on your rubber mulch, even a tiny spark might start a fire. We recommend all leaf piles are removed from your rubber mulch areas.

You may enjoy the benefits of rubber mulch for years to come before you ever need to replenish it. When used correctly (which includes cleaning), rubber mulch can endure for up to 10 years.

It's essential to routinely check the condition of your rubber flooring for damage and any foreign objects that do not belong. The sooner an issue is addressed, the less likely your mulch is to deteriorate. Also, if you don't act promptly, cleaning up the rubber mulch will be more difficult and expensive to fix.

Oil and paint, when spilled, should be cleaned up as soon as possible since the stain becomes much more difficult to remove once it has dried.


Since you now know how to clean rubber mulch, your mulched area will stay tidy. Leaves and other yard debris may be removed by raking or if preferred, a blower. However, precautions must be taken when using a leaf blower to prevent damage.

If grime, dirt, or residue is embedded in the rubber, you may rinse the mulch or pressure wash it to remove it. Since rubber mulch is so porous, it quickly absorbs rain and dries off afterward. It also doesn't erode with time.

Rubber mulch may last for years if it is regularly cleaned and maintained. This way, you can enjoy its many benefits for many years.

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