BULK - Premium Rubber Nuggets for Play Areas and Landscapes (2,000 lbs)

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Great for play areas and landscaping. Rooster Rubber's bulk unit contains enough mulch to cover 428 sq/ft at 2" (or 285 sq/ft at 3").

Rooster Rubber Premium Rubber Mulch™ are 100% recycled truck tires. Rooster Rubber Premium Rubber Mulch™ is great for all your landscaping needs – mulching flower beds, trees, and any garden area. It is environmentally safe for plants and animals. Premium Rubber Mulch™ insulates the soil while allowing water to pass through to plant roots. Premium Rubber Mulch™ does not attract termites or bugs and will not rot.

Our Premium Recycled Rubber Mulch is made from truck tires (not passenger car tires with 20% fiber still present) and is 98% wire-free. Every nugget is painted and sealed with an Ultra-Violet based sealant so you get a long lasting color fast look.

Standard Colors available: Black, Dark Brown, Redwood. Special Colors (4,000 lbs minimum - Blue, Green, Silver, Tan).

Coverage: 2,000 lbs = 71 cubic ft or 2.6 cubic yards will cover:

  • at 2" depth, 428 sq ft
  • at 3" depth, 285 sq ft
  • at 4" depth, 214 sq ft

Applicable taxes and freight are not included.

Mulch once. Always looks good.

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